Admin - Any individual who is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and operation of your system.

Admin Permissions - Allows a specific admin to create, delete, and modify items and settings.

Billing - An overview of all your financials including your average and total charges and refunds.

Branded App - A highly customized app that allows the admin to personalize the app style, map pins, colors, etc.

Branding - Personal touches in your system such as your Logo and Banner. From the app, your system logo will appear next to its membership and when you select a rental.

Charge - This is a standard charge which bills the user's credit card via Stripe or another payment provider.

Charge Amount - The transaction amount not including taxes.

Charge Total - Charge amount + Tax Amount

Closed - A customer ticket that has been resolved. In the Customer Support section, you will find a closed tab that contains a list of issues that have been closed out.

Coupon - A discount set on a specific period of time for your rentals. This could be free time, percentage off, or money off.

Communication Log - A section that allows you to quickly respond to customers who send in inquiries. The email will be sent to the email that they have on file with their user account. Alternatively, you can save any messages as internal notes for reference. This could be found in Customer Support under problem details.

Customer Support - A list of all your open and closed customer inquiries.

Dashboard - The home screen with at-a-glance details about your system.

Default Wallet Deposit - The default amount that is deposited to a wallet if the charge exceeds the wallet deposit. This is charged in the partner's wallet information.

Dispute - An amount charged that needs to be reviewed and taken care of.

Fees - Custom amounts for fees pre-tax or post-tax.

General Bikeshare Specification Feed (GBSF) - an open data standard for bike-share systems that makes real-time data feeds in a uniform format that is publicly available online in a uniform format so that map and transportation-based apps such as this one can easily incorporate this data into their platforms.

Hold - An amount that is authorized on a user's credit card, to act as security for the rental.

Logs - A record of all completed maintenance tasks.

Maintenance - A condition wherein your hardware needs to be checked or repaired by a mechanic. This section provides a list of all the maintenance tickets that need to be looked at and resolve.

Memberships - A subscription where users can sign up. This can be free or paid and an admin can authorize an approval or rejection of a pending user. The Membership section contains a list of all the active and pending members on your system.

Minimum Wallet Balance - The amount the user must have in their wallet to start a rental.

Mobility Data Specification (MDS Data) - a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) focused on helping cities interact with companies who operate dockless scooters, bikes, and more.

Modes - The hardware setup of your dashboard. This could either be Bikes, Scooters, Bike Rooms, or Bike lockers system.

Open - A customer support ticket that needs to be looked at and resolved. In the Customer Support section, you will find an open tab that contains a list of all the open tickets that need to be addressed.

System - The name of your bike share, scooter share, etc.

Tax Rate - A percentage of the transaction which is added for taxes.

Terms of Service - A legal agreement between the system admin and the user who wants to make a rental. Every user has to agree to the terms of service before using the system.

Transactions - A list of all the monetary transactions associated with your system.

Wallet Balance - The amount of the standing balance on a user's wallet. Users can add funds to their wallet balance in increments of $5, $10, or $25. This will be used as the primary source of payment for any transactions that occur (e.g. membership charges or pay-as-you-go rentals).

Wallet Credit - When an amount is added to a wallet balance. This can happen for two reasons:

  • A wallet debit is refunded.

  • An admin user adds to the user's wallet balance via the admin site.

Wallet Debit - When an amount is debited from the wallet to complete a charge. A wallet debit subtracts from the wallet balance.

Wallet Deposit - (Displayed as “Charge” transaction type) Occurs when a user adds to their wallet balance via the app or the system tops off the wallet balance should the transaction amount go over the wallet balance.

Zones - Specified parameters where bikes and scooters have to be parked once users are finished with them.

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