Start a Rental

From the map located in the app home page, when you select a location, you'll see the name of the location, the option to proceed and select your bike, scooter, or other hardware to rent, and rates associated with that location, as well as the number of hardware available at that location. Rates will indicate a free amenity, the fees included with the rental (e.g. $0.40 + $0.15 / 15 mins), or that a membership is required.

While selecting a unit, users will make a selection within the options presented to them either on-screen or manually (individual units are physically numbered). Visit the Hardware Selection Screen for more information about each option.

The rates for any individual location will be underneath the name of the location after it's been selected.

After accepting the terms of service, users will be shown a recap of the rates and membership before selecting the rent option at the bottom of their screen, where they will begin the rental.

Before a rental begins, the app will search for the hardware being rented and once a connection is made, users will be able to see their active rental status in the menu, where they will also have the option to end the rental when their time is complete.

Bluetooth must be turned on in the user's smartphone for a rental to begin.

After the rental has started you will be able to access it from the home page and the button on the map or in the main menu in the "Active Rentals" option.

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