The hardware devices can be assigned to each other, establishing a hierarchical relationship where one device serves as the parent and the other as the child. For instance, a Lock can be assigned to a Bike to create such a relationship. This can be accomplished by accessing the relevant hardware details and navigating to the Assignments section to assign the desired device as the child.

To start establishing the relationship, please click the +Add button located at the top of the table. This action will redirect you to the configuration section where you can specify the relevant assignment details:

To properly select the child device, the hardware type must be selected first. Subsequently, additional filters may be applied to further refine the selection, such as selecting the hardware product and choosing a filtering method tailored to the specific hardware, including but not limited to the child hardware id, label, and MAC address.

If the desired hardware is not visible in the list, you can enter the selected identification in the 'Search Child By' field. For example, if you selected 'ID' as the identification, you should enter the hardware ID for the search.

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