Tickets Tags

Here, you can define the tags that will be used to categorize support tickets within the system.

When you click on 'Support Tickets' and navigate to the 'Tags' tab, you'll gain access to the list of available tags. You can search by name and creation date, as well as filter by these columns to find specific tags efficiently.

To initiate the creation of new tags, navigate to the top-right corner and locate the Add button. Clicking on this button will prompt a popup where you can input the necessary name for the tag. After filling out the name, proceed to click the Save button

To archive a tag, navigate to the desired tag and click on the Archive button. This action will mark the tag as archived, removing it from active use while preserving its associated data for reference.

This action will trigger a confirmation popup, prompting you to confirm before archiving the tag. Once confirmed, the tag will be archived, ensuring that you're intentional about your actions and preventing accidental changes to your tagging system.

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