HD Noke Padlock

About the lock

NoKe is a leader in the smart lock industry from its inception in 2014 with its highly successful Kickstarter campaign for its initial padlock.

The HD Padlocks are keyless, heavy-duty locks with an industrial-strength body and intelligent core. These powerful locks are tamper-resistant, work in harsh environmental conditions, and are available with a shrouded shackle for extra protection. These locks are perfect for bike or kayak lockers to keep your hardware safe and secure.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 - Secure app-based lock control

  • Battery Life - 3+ year battery life, with a backup battery jump start

  • Durable and Light - CEN grade 4, 1.2 lbs, IP68, -40F to 165F operating range

  • Laboratory Tested - Rigorous 3rd party testing

App experience for Kayaks using Noke padlock

After a rental is started, a user will be shown the options below.

Once the user selects Unlock Now, it'll show the following screen which instructs the user to hold the button down on the bottom of the lock. This will wake it up and allow the app to connect to it.

When the app connects, the top shackle will open and the light will flash green on the bottom. The app will then transition to the following screen. From here, a user can unlock the lock again if needed.

Once "Continue is selected", the app will transition to the Active Rental screen. From here, a user can Unlock their locker to return the unit or get anything from their locker in the rental. The user can also end the rental.

When the user selects End Rental, the app will remind them to ensure they've returned the unit to the locker. If they have not, they can click Cancel and go back to the previous Active Rentals screen and unlock it.

Once the user selects "Continue", the app will go through the locking flow and remind the user to hold the button down.

If the lock is closed, the app will detect it and end the rental.

Maintenance app with Noke lock

Movatic has a Maintenance app where you can change the batteries and/or service the padlock without needing a rental. To do this, log into the Maintenance app with your Admin dashboard credentials and select Nearby Devices. Make sure you hold the button down on the bottom of the lock until it flashes green - this is what "wakes up" the lock and allows it to broadcast. You can see the MAC address as well as the system name.

By clicking on the lock, you'll be given an option to Unlock. This will actually unshackle it entirely which will allow you to remove it and/or replace the battery which is explained below. To close the lock, simply reinsert the lock and it should lock into place.

Replacing battery

To replace a battery, you'll need a CR2 battery. You can follow along here in the video, but make sure to use the Movatic Maintenance App to unshackle.

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