Universal Links / QR codes

Universal links are a great way to share the Movatic app on mobile or online browsers. When clicking this link, this will redirect the user to the App Store or Google Play Store depending on their device so that they can easily access the app. Alternatively, this link can be embedded in your app so a user can click it and it'll immediately open the app or direct them to the store to download the app.

Below are the links you can share and how it opens up on a mobile device or browser for Movatic. If you have a branded app, the link will be different and we'll need to make sure your app version has this enabled. Please reach out to support@movatic.co for further questions.

When a user opens the link on a browser, it will show them this page:

Alternatively, you can share this QR code so that users can easily scan to open or download the app:

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