Active Rentals

Active Rentals are rentals that are currently being rented by a user. This page shows you how a user sees their active rentals on the app. When a user has started a rental, they are able to see how many active rentals they have on the main map screen. The Active Rentals number will be shown in between the Nearby and Scan buttons.

Clicking on the Active Rental number in the circle will redirect the user to the Active Rentals page as shown below. Alternatively, they can also go to this page by clicking on the 3 lines on the upper left and selecting Active Rentals.

The Active Rentals page allows the user to view all their active rentals (including simultaneous rentals) and also allows them to end their rental, and take other actions according to the hardware type (unlock, lock). They can also click on the " > " to find additional information such as the Operating Hours, Return Locations, and Report a Problem to report any issues they encounter during their rental to Customer Support.

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