Zones are predetermined boundaries set by the admins to identify the areas where bikes and/or scooters can be parked following a rental. These parameters are only applicable to dockless bike and scooter systems. There are 5 zone types.

Bikes and scooters with GPS tracking capabilities are the only hardware that can utilize zones.

Zone Types:

No Go Zone - Area where users are prohibited from riding.

Slow Zone - Areas where users are prohibited from riding bikes or scooters above a speed limit.

Restricted Zone - Area where users are prohibited from parking bikes or scooters at the end of rentals.

Preferred Parking Zone - Preferred area for users to park their bikes or scooters at the end of rentals.

Parking Zone - Area for users to park their bikes or scooters at the end of rentals. • Service Zone - Large area to mark zone where users can leave bikes or scooters in free roam systems. Deployment Zone - A zone used to balance scooter deployments. This zone is not visible to users.

You will see Zone legends in the bottom right corner of the map represented by pre-assigned colors which line up parts of the map.

Users who park bikes or scooters in restricted zones can be subject to parking fees added to their ride total at the end of a rental.

Adding Zones

  1. Click the + Add button inside of the Locations tab, where you can fill out all the information associated with your zone, starting with the location name. Under location type, select Zone-based.

  2. Select a zone type.

  3. A banner can be uploaded to help with identifying a station. For details about banners and branding, refer back to the Branding section.

"Zone-based" locations can't be used to end rentals. Read the Zones page for more insights into it.

Below the banner, you will see the option to create and configure zones. Begin by clicking the middle button, which allows you to draw a polygon.

Click each area until you have a shape with 3 points minimum. You'll click the first point you made to close the shape and set your parameters.

You can go back and edit the shape after it's completed by clicking the button above the trashcan. You can also click the trash can icon to remove the shape and start over.

When you're finished, scroll back up and click Save on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

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