Tickets Tab

Once you clock the maintenance link. You will see two tabs at the top of the screen which is Tickets and Logs.

Here are the information you can see under the ticket tab.

You will have an option to filter your view on what ticket you want to check. You can filter it to open, closed or cancelled maintenance tickets.

Now let's talk about the column options on top of the maintance ticket.

  1. Actions - there will be a pencil icon under action that will allow you to edit or modify your maintenance ticket.

  1. Due - it is the date when the ticket will be due. You can also click the 3 lights beside it to filter the date in ascending or descending order.

  2. Priorty - it will let you know if the ticket has priority or not. There are 5 level of priority as follows:

    • 1 - Lowest

    • 2 - Low

    • 3 - Normal

    • 4- High

    • 5 - Highest

  3. Assignee - will show you in which person or technician the ticket was assigned.

  4. Unit - it will show you the hardware number (bike, locker, kayak number)

  5. Description - will give a brief summary of the issue the customer encountered.

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