The Rates tab allows you to create, customize, edit, and view rates. If your system doesn't charge users, this will not be applicable to you and this area will simply state that it's a free system.

Add a new rate

You can add new rates by clicking Billing>Rates, then + Add button in the upper right section of the screen.

For locations outside the United States, the system's currency is still in USD; system admin should keep this in mind while creating rates and adjust amounts where appropriate.

If you have multiple rates active, a user can choose from any of the them for their rental.

Once you're at the Add rate option, you can customize the rate according to your preference.

  • Name: An informative description for this rate (e.g. "Hourly," "Daily," etc). Users will see this name in the app.

  • Active On: The date on which this rate will be implemented. This is typically used if you want the rate to start from a specific date.

  • Rate Type: See below for more detailed information about Rate Types and the options that go with them such as Base Rental Charge, Price per Period, and Duration Price.

  • Max Open Rentals: The maximum number of units users are allowed to rent simultaneously. If left blank, the value will be set to the system's max rental value.

  • Credit Card Hold: The credit card hold amount that users charged with this rate will be applied in order to start a rental. If left blank, the value in Settings will be used.

Rate Type

You can choose between two rates types, Incremental Rates or Fixed Rates.

Incremental Rate Incremental Rates are for rentals that will be utilized for multiple time periods, typically in minutes or hours. For instance, you can set the first hour to $2 and then $0.20 per minute thereafter.

Fixed rates, on the other hand, are for rentals that will be utilized for a single time period, such as a rental that lasts for an entire day.

Both rate types can be customized but the options may vary.

There is a calculator at the bottom of the page to show example computation and provide guidance while setting up the rates.

Base Rental Charge: The base amount charged for every rental regardless of rental time (unless user is within the free time period).

Price per Period: This is how much the user will be charged for every unit of duration.

Duration Price: This is how much the user will be charged for the rental per the duration period.

Before a rental is selected from the app, users will see what rate options are available as soon as they select a location. Some locations may have multiple rate options to choose from.

Search or Filter Available Rates

To search for available rates by status, click on Billing>Rates and then click on the filter icon. Select between Active, Pending or Archived. Click Apply to pull up all rates for the selected status.

View/Edit a rate

  1. To view more details about an active or historical rate, select one of the options from the table.

  1. Click the Edit button on the upper right to modify the Rate details.

  1. By clicking the Edit button, you can update the name and Credit Card Hold amount.

Note that you also have the option to edit the rate by going to Billing > Rates > click the Pencil icon.

Archive/Activate a rate

  1. If you no longer want a rate to be available for users, you can archive it by viewing the Rate details and clicking the Archive button from the upper right corner. The system will confirm if you want to do this. Until you hit Archive on the screen below, it is not archived.

  1. If you want to reactivate a rate and make it visible for users again, click the Filter button to show the Archived Rates in your system. Click the rate you want to reinstate to route you to modify the Archived rate.

  1. Click the Activate button in the upper right corner will reinstate the Archived Rate. The rate will now be available for users again.

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