SIM Cards

This guide is intended to provide operators with a comprehensive understanding of the SIM card technology utilized in these systems. While both systems use SIM cards, it's important to note that Omni Locks use "Super SIM," whereas Acton employs "Programmable Wireless SIM." Although the process for managing these SIM cards is quite similar, there are specific differences that will be outlined in this documentation.

Key SIM Card Types

  • Super SIM (Omni Locks): Super SIM is the type of SIM card used for Omni Locks. It's designed to provide robust connectivity across various networks, ensuring reliable communication between the lock and the system.

  • Programmable Wireless SIM (Acton): Acton utilizes Programmable Wireless SIM, a versatile SIM card providing the necessary connectivity for the system to operate effectively. It's tailored to meet the specific requirements of Acton's system, optimizing performance and reliability.

Understanding and effectively managing SIM cards are essential components of ensuring the smooth operation of both Omni Locks and Acton systems.

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