Hardware Details

You can filter hardware types by selecting either "Bikes" or "Locks" and on some cases, "Scooters" depending on the system.

To view hardware according to status, simply click on the "Filter" option next to the search bar.

Each bike in your system is identified by its assigned bike number, status, and location, as displayed in the Hardware section.


Selecting a specific hardware directs you to the Hardware Details and Assignments screen. In Hardware Details, you'll find key information like Bike Number, Product Name, Version, Current Status, Lock State, Current Location, Last Update, Movatic QR Code, and Vendor QR Code.

The Assignments tab will show you the lock details.

To add new hardware, use the + Add button in the upper right corner. For step-by-step instructions on adding a bike, check our comprehensive guide on the New Hardware page.

These can be exported into CSV files for your records. Simply click the three dots in the upper right corner beside the "Buy" button, and then select "Export."

Bike Status

From the Hardware Page, you can update the Bike status by updating the drop down option under Status. Here are the different statuses of the Bikes:

  • Active - hardware is available for rent.

  • Maintenance - hardware is currently in repair by a mechanic.

  • Retired - hardware is no longer available.

  • Stored - Hardware is not currently in use and is kept in storage. It is not available for rent.

  • Missing - The hardware is not in its designated location and cannot be accounted for. It is temporarily unavailable.

  • Lost - The hardware is permanently unaccounted for and is considered lost. It is no longer available for use.

  • Rebalancing - The hardware is being relocated to ensure a balanced distribution within the bike station. It is temporarily unavailable during this process

Editing a Bike

From the Hardware page, you can click on any individual bike to view additional settings such as Details, Rentals, Maintenance Tickets, Maintenance Logs, and Event Logs. You can check who rented the bike, what day and time it was rented, what support tickets are tied to the bike and a list of historical maintenance information.

You can Edit or Retire a bike using the options on the upper right-hand side. During a bike edit, you can modify the station it will be located at, the bike number, or the rental availability. After you've made any changes, click Save.

User Experience

When users select a bike for rental, only the ones marked as 'Active' will show up in the selection. Bikes on status other than Active won't be displayed. For more information about how a user starts a rental, you may refer to this documentation: Start a Rental.

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