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The Membership section displays an overview of all active memberships as well as any pending members waiting to be added. Memberships allow you to give benefits to select users that have either received some type of authorization or are paying a monthly fee. For example:
  • A corporate campus that wants to limit its system to just its employees. This same campus also wants to provide access to select guests for a limited amount of time.
  • A university that wants to grant free access to students but charge the general public.
  • A public system that wants to sign up monthly or yearly members that pay a fee to receive exclusive pricing.
Each individual membership can be clicked for additional details. Additional details will include the cost of the membership if there is one associated with it, the authorization type, the active members, and an option to update your branding color and logo for that particular membership. Clicking the edit button on the upper right-hand side will give you the option to edit the branding color and logo, the priority of the membership in which the higher numbers determine how they are shown in the app, and the number of simultaneous rentals that can be done on that membership.
For a walkthrough of a membership being created, check out Creating a Membership.