Bluetooth Locks Setup

Adding locks

You can add locks to a system and then assign them to other hardware, such as bikes, lockers, kayaks, etc. To add a lock to a system on the Admin Site, go to the Hardware section and then click the + Add button in the upper right-hand corner.

In the Add Hardware screen, select Lock in the Hardware Type dropdown and then choose the Hardware Product and Hardware Product Version that matches the type of lock that you're adding.

Complete the rest of the form with the information specific to your lock, then click Submit. If successful, the lock will now appear under your Lock List in the Hardware section. Click the Locks in the filtering button below the Search bar to display the Lock List.


Before adding a lock, obtain the QR code information from the back of the lock. If you need to scan the QR code, downloading a QR code scanner app is recommended, as the base camera apps do not scan these QR codes properly.

  • From the Hardware section, click the "+Add" button. Select Lock as the Hardware type and Axa Lock for the Hardware Product.

  • In the screen that appears (see above) enter the value that was obtained from the QR code. It should be something like: AXA-46D460EF06CB94F7B45D-7C484634C76847FFBE78ECB8A5D3CCA3.

Note that if the screen asks for a Mac address, then the vendor is not Axa or new hardware is not disabled.

  • If this is successful, the system will either add it to key safe or obtain the info from key safe if it's already added. If this step fails, its likely that the locks are not brand new and have yet to be claimed to our key safe account. Contact Axa if this is the case.

  • Once added, you'll receive confirmation and the admin site will go back to the Lock list. You should see a new lock added with a valid MAC address. The lock can then be assigned to a bike.


  • Confirm that Noke has serial number information from the lock(s) transferred to our system for connectivity.

  • If locks are brand new, request the Serial Number and MAC Address from Noke to add to your account so that they’re set up and ready to test upon delivery.

If you are using both Axa and Noke locks, they will have to be used in separate systems.

To contact Noke support please reach out to & phone 385-204-402

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