Understanding Demo Mode

This guide is designed to provide operators with a comprehensive understanding of Demo Mode within the Movatic software—a crucial tool for testing and familiarizing yourself with the software before launching your system.

What is Demo Mode? Demo Mode in the Movatic software is a simulated environment that allows operators to test and explore the system's functionalities without affecting actual rental operations. It is an invaluable resource for becoming acquainted with the software and ensuring smooth operations once your rental fleet system is live.

How to Identify Demo Mode When you first create a system in the Movatic software, it is automatically set to Demo Mode. You can easily identify if your system is in Demo Mode by checking the Settings, where it will be indicated as follows:

"This system is a demo system and is not visible without a membership. Please contact your setup partner to activate this system."

This message acts as a signal that you are operating within the Demo Mode.

Key Features and Benefits of Demo Mode:

  • Safe Testing Environment: Operators can freely experiment and familiarize themselves with the software's various features without the risk of affecting live rental operations.

  • No Actual Transactions: Any actions or transactions performed in Demo Mode do not have real-world consequences, making it ideal for training and learning.

  • Understanding Functionality: Operators can easily navigate different sections of the system, making it easier to setup and manage efficiently.

Exiting Demo Mode:

When you're ready to transition from testing to live operations, contact our Support team at support@movatic.co. We will guide you through the process of switching from Demo Mode to a fully operational system.

Once your system exits Demo mode, it will be officially launched and visible to users. They can now view your system on their map, view station information, view rental details, and start rentals with your system.

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