Types of Maintenance Ticket

There are different categories of maintenance tickets. Some of them can be created automatically when a certain trigger occurs, some can be created when a customer ends a rental in a grace period, and all can be created manually.

  • General Maintenance

This can be triggered if a user ends a rental in the grace period, and checks the option that there was damage to the unit.

  • Charge electronic lock battery

This gives an instruction to charge the electronic lock associated with the hardware unit. It can be automatically triggered if a lock has low battery.

  • Inspect electronic lock

This is triggered by a customer ending the rental in the grace period and selecting the option that they were unable to unlock the asset. This type of maintenance ticket will close upon successful rental of the lock.

  • Inspect reported return location

Created automatically when a user manually indicates the station they are returning a bike to when ending a bike rental. The app automatically suggests the closest station, so if a user manually selects a different one, there is a higher chance that the bike is not at the selected station.

  • Inspect for proper locking

Created automatically when a lock failed to confirm it was locked after rental ended.

  • Tipped over

This is generated automatically when an asset senses that it was tipped over.

  • Connection lost

This is when the hardware couldn't connect to the lock. Note: When a connection is re-established, the maintenance ticket will auto cancel.

  • Replacements (IoT, Front Lock, Display, Motor, Battery, Controller, Drive Belt)

This happens when a mechanic needs to replace certain hardware.

  • Could not repair

This is when the hardware is severely damaged due to an unforeseen incident.

  • Detailed tune-up

This involves cleaning any dirt, oil, and old grease off the bicycle. The gears and derailleurs are checked for damage and alignment.

  • Rebalancing

This involves relocating bikes from overcrowded stations to those with a shortage of bikes.

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