Private Locations

The locations can be "private", which means that for a mobile app user to see the location pin on the map, the user needs to have a special perk in one of their memberships. As a result, users won't be able to communicate with the private location or initiate rentals by scanning a QR code associated with it.

To set up a private location, you need to go to Locations, click the location that you want to make private, click on edit. Look for the "Location Access" controls:

This is where you can control whether the location would be Public or Private. If you choose private, you need to add a location perk to a membership so users can interact or start rental with the said location.

All locations are set to public access by default.

Private Location Access

These are like perks that, attached to a membership, allow users to interact with private locations. To add this to a membership, go to Memberships > Click the membership we're granting the location access for. You'll be routed to the General page, scroll down until you see the Private Location Access table. Select the Add button.

You'll then see a pop up box showing the membership you've selected and a dropdown option where private locations are listed:

You will only see locations flagged as private on the dropdown.

Select the location where this membership will grant access to, and then hit save. The Location Access table should be updated reflecting the changes you've made.

A membership can have infinite amount of location access but these can't be removed from the membership. If you want to remove a location access and there is currently no app user under the membership, please reach out customer support to get help on this.

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