Scooters Rentals

This page gives you an insight into how a user starts and ends a rental for a scooter.

The scooter rental process is unique in that it needs a QR code to scan to begin the rental and can be rented remotely if you have access to the appropriate QR code to scan. For comparison, a bike rental needs a bike number manually entered in or selected from the options given to you.

A user can start a rental either by scanning the QR code on the actual scooter or by finding the scooter on the map then select Scan to scan the QR code. Once the QR code scan is successfully it will redirect them to the welcome page of the system. Scanning the QR code on the actual scooter

When login into the app he user will see the "Scan" button at the bottom of the map, by clicking on it will be take to the system welcome page

Finding the scooter station on the map

To start the rental by this method the user needs to click into the "Scan" button below the station information as shown before, then the camera will be enabled to scan the QR code from the scooter.

When the user hits Continue, they will be asked to input their payment method (if they haven't added their credit card information yet) and will be able to review the Rental Details page (Membership, Rate, Return Locations, and Terms of Service). Once they are ready, they will click Rent to unlock the scooter.

A successful unlock will show on the screen that the rental has started and it will also show on the Active Rentals page that it is ongoing. If a user wants to end a rental, they will need to go back to the Active Rentals page and select End Rental.

If a user has ended within the grace period, they will be asked to report the reason which will be directed to Customer Support. Otherwise, if they ended it successfully, they will be directed to the Rental Ended screen that will show the duration of their rental and will be asked to rate their experience.

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