Segway Scooter

This section will walk you through how to set up your Segway hardware on the Admin dashboard.

  1. Log into your Segway Dashboard at

    1. You will need the following:

      1. Platform Code

      2. Username

      3. Password

    2. Once you've filled this information in, select "Login".

  2. In the top right, your username will appear with a downward facing arrow. Click that and select Basic Information.

  3. Select "Edit" and in the URL box, insert - it must be entered exactly like this.

  4. Select "View" next to APIKey, enter your password for security, and copy the APIKey down manually. This will be sent to whoever is supporting your setup on the Movatic side.

  5. Hit "Save".

  6. Navigate to "Scooters" on the far left side of your screen and select "Status&Control" in the dropdown. You will come back to this tab.

  7. In another tab, log into your Movatic Admin Dashboard at

  8. Select Scooters on the left side of the screen then select +Add.

  9. Select the corresponding hardware product (Segway Max, for example)

  10. Fill in Product Version, Hardware state, Number for your hardware, Label (optional) as applicable.

  11. Next, you will copy the IoT IMEI from the Segway Dashboard for that hardware into "Vendor ID" on the Admin dash.

  12. On "Vendor QR Code", insert this URL and replace the XXXXX with the QR Code from the QR Code column on the Segway Dashboard for that hardware.

  13. Select Submit.

  14. If you see "Add successful!", you're set.

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