Creating New Systems

To create additional systems, click the name of your current system and it will pull up Your Systems where it will display a list of all the existing systems that you have access to. From here, you can click the +Add button. The ability to create a new system is only available to partners.

For lengthy system lists, you can narrow down your options by typing keywords into the search bar.

When you click +Add button, you'll pull up a new box to fill out all the new information that will be associated with the new system.

Enter a system name, which will generally be the name of your company or organization.

1.Select your country from the drop-down list. In the event that your country isn't listed, contact

2.Your partner will be the partner you are working with. Movatic is listed at the top, as it's the most commonly selected option.

3.Select your mobility type: Bikes, scooters, bike lockers, and more.

4.Enter the first name, last name, and email of the initial admin for the new system. When you're finished, click submit.

New systems used solely for demo purposes will check the box below the Vendor option.

Users will be able to view your system from the map by clicking on your location mark. Selecting the location mark reveals your system's name, the number of available hardware for rental, system status, rates, maximum rental duration, and an option to select hardware for rental.

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