Pending Charges

Pending Charges can be found under the Billing section. This will provide you with a list of users who have pending charges that need to be reviewed by an admin. The list will contain the user name, email, rental date, amount, and current status. You can also export this list to a .csv file when you click the Export button.

The admin has the power to update the status of the charge whether it will be approved or rejected.

When you click Update, this pop-up window will appear and you have to select an action:

  • Approve full amount

  • Approve custom amount

  • Decline

Clicking on the Approve custom amount will prompt you to enter the specific charge you want. You also have the option to leave a note for internal reference and the user.

When a pending charge is approved, the charge will go through on the user's card on file and will be displayed on the transaction information under the user's rental.

When a Pending charge is Declined, the charge is canceled on the user's account and will not go through.

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