Twilio Process for Activating SIM Cards

Log into Twilio and search for Internet of Things, if you don’t have it pinned to your dashboard.

Select Super SIM or Programmable Wireless SIM

Omni locks use Super SIM and Acton used Programmable Wireless SIM

The process is very similar for both, but not exactly the same.

For both you need to search by ICCID number. For Super SIM you can search for up to 10 at a time. Programmable Wireless need to be done one at a time. Otherwise the process is the same. Expand Super SIM, click on SIM, and enter ICCID number(s) into the search field.

Once all the numbers needed are entered, hit Filter

Click on the link in the SIM field. Update Fleet and Status, and save

To update multiple SIMs at one time, check the boxes on the left and hit Update. Then select active and the correct fleet.

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