The General page is where you can edit your overall system settings. You can access this by going to Settings > General.

System Settings

Under the General section, you'll see the following:

  • System Name

  • System Status which will display if your system is open or temporarily closed.

  • System Type which states your system hardware (bike share, scooters, etc),

  • System Description, a place to briefly describe your system (limited to 200 characters),

  • and a place to add your own support number so that users will be able to reach out to your Customer Support.

  • System Country is also represented, as well as the system timezone.

On the app, the user will see the following information in the Station Information and Report a Problem page as shown below:

Memberships, Visibility, and Demo

Requiring a membership will determine the type of system access you allow for your users. For a detailed breakdown, refer to the System Access section. When you require a membership, the 'Visible' option will appear below it. If that box isn't checked, stations will only be visible to users who have been added to the membership in your system.

The 'Demo' option is used solely for demonstration purposes such as showcasing features and usability in the admin platform. Demo systems aren't visible without a membership in the system.


The 'Enable Billing' option will be turned on for any system charging money for rentals. Once this option is checked, the Billing section will appear on the left side of the screen below Memberships and will also appear on the list of tabs in between Open Data and Branding. The Billing section is where you can customize rates, coupons, and view transactions.

New Hardware

Systems that use new hardware models will check this box. Your hardware is typically discussed during your system setup process, so you'll be made aware if this is applicable to you or not. If you have any questions regarding your hardware, feel free to reach out to

Don't forget to click 'Save Changes' after you are finished making any changes.

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