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Rentals can be accessed on the left side of your dashboard or by clicking the Active or Total rentals button which can also be seen at a glance from the Dashboard section.
Main Dashboard
Example of Rentals Page
With the Search Bar, you can filter your results by typing in the specific information you're looking for, along with the Filter Dates option above it, which will narrow down your specified time range.
With the Rental Status dropdown menu, you are able to narrow down the list and show either the Active or Completed rentals.
Example of Filtering Rentals
  • Active Rentals will show you which users are using hardware in real-time
  • Completed Rentals will show you a history of each user and their previous activity, from the specific piece of hardware they rented to the start location/time and end location/time.
All rentals can be exported into CSV files by clicking the Export button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
In the same way, all the rental routes geo-tracking data can be exported with the "Export Routes" button. The data will arrive in your email as a GeoJSON file and this can be used on sites that accept this type of file. (i.e.: If you are interested in this process, please follow this step-by-step guide. If you are interested on which kind of layers we do support or how to visualize, please go and watch this and this video where we show all the supported layers with also a few recommendations.