The Transactions tab displays a list of all the monetary transactions associated with your system. Each transaction will have a unique rental ID along with a transaction date, user name, charge description, type category between a transaction charge or a transaction refund, the dollar amount charged or refunded, and the status (succeeded or failed).

You can click any individual transaction to pull up additional details which will include any tax rate with tax collected, a unique ID associated with every transaction, and most notably, an option to issue a refund.

Processing a refund (Transactions tab)

  1. From the Transactions tab, click any individual transaction to pull up additional details. To issue a refund, you'll click the Issue Refund button on the upper right side of the screen.

  1. From here, you are given the option to do a full refund or partial refund. Adjust the amount then leave a comment on why the refund was issued. When you are finished, click the Refund button.

"Refund Reason" will be visible to the user.

  1. After a refund is issued, an email will be sent to the user showing the following with the system name after "Message from" and the message is the Refund Reason. The transaction details will be shown below.

The image will appear depending on the branded app you are using.

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