Admin User Setup

Click the System Admins tab, then click the + Add button to the right of the tab.

Fill out the form and include the first name, last name, and email.

You can input any email as long as the email domain is valid (Example:,, etc.)

The Admin Permissions are up to the discretion of what you want each admin to have access to. Admin permissions will determine the pages a user has access to and what information they can modify on the site. By default, the Admin Permission is selected. If you would like to change any permissions, deselect this option first.

If all permissions are disabled, the admin user can only view the dashboard.

Upon submitting the form, the new admin will be officially added to the system like the screenshot above. An email will be sent to the new admin user to set their password. Once their password is set, they will be able to log in using their new credentials.

Once the email is received, all they need to do is click "Set Password" and it'll direct them to the Admin dashboard to set a password. Once that is done, they'll be able to log in.

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