Why do I Receive an Error when I Scan a QR Code?

Encountering an error when scanning a QR code can occur due to various reasons. Some possible factors include:

  • If the QR code is damaged, unclear, or obstructed, it might not scan accurately.

  • If your device's camera is malfunctioning or not properly aligned, it could result in scanning errors.

  • Poor connectivity can lead to errors.

  • In some cases, errors might result from user-related issues, such as improper positioning of the QR code or misunderstanding of the scanning process

Follow these Troubleshooting steps when encountering errors in scanning the QR code.

  1. Check QR Code Quality: Ensure a clear, undamaged QR code, free from dirt or debris.

  2. Proper Scanning Distance: Hold your phone's camera a few inches away from the QR code for accurate recognition.

  3. Good Lighting Conditions: Scan the QR code in a well-lit area to optimize camera reading.

  4. Calibrate Camera Settings: Adjust camera settings for better QR code recognition if needed.

  5. Use QR Code Scanning App: Consider using a dedicated QR code scanning app for optimized scanning.

  6. Verify Internet Connectivity: Ensure stable internet or cellular data for some electronic locking systems.

If the troubleshooting steps did not fix the error, take a screenshot for our customer support team to view the specific type of error you're receiving and provide additional details, such as the system you're attempting to rent from and the number associated with the unit. When you have all of these details together, please send them to support@movatic.co for review.

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