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Customer Support User Experience

This page explains the user experience when handling customer support tickets. On the app, a user can Report a Problem and submit a ticket to express their feedback or questions.
Here is an example correspondence from a user reporting a problem through the station information.
Note: A user can report a problem in different ways on the app. You can learn more about it here.
Example of a user sending in a ticket
Once the ticket is submitted, it will automatically be shown under the open tab of the Customer Support section.
You are able to see the name of the user, when was it created, and a brief description of the ticket. When you open the ticket, you will be redirected to Problem Details for additional information. Below the problem details, you have the Communication Log wherein you can respond to the user or save an internal note.
Example of Customer Support Ticket and Response
Once you respond to the user, your response will be sent to their email on their account. They will receive an email from [email protected] as shown below:
If the user decides to respond to your email, they will need to click Reply to continue the same correspondence.
Example of User Response in Gmail
Example of how the user response is shown on the communication log
Note: Even if you have clicked Close Problem for the ticket, the ticket will automatically be reopened if you get a response from the user.