Hardware Debugging

This section will include steps to debug any common issues that may arise at some point after your hardware is set up. Before you reach out to Movatic for any bug issues, please ensure you have tried the following steps below:

For Bluetooth Low Energy Issue

  1. Check that the unit has power.

  2. Check that the unit is broadcasting. This can be done via the Maintenance app or a separate BLE scanning app.

  3. Check if other units are working. For isolated incidents, contact your hardware manufacturer. Most broad-based incidents are related to software, while most isolated events are related to hardware.

For Cellular Connection Issue

  1. Check that the unit has power.

  2. Check the sim card configuration and verify that it's configured correctly via the sim card provider dashboard.

  3. Check that the device is properly pointed to Movatic's server.

  4. From the Movatic admin site, verify that the information is entered correctly (i.e. IMEI, Vendor ID)

  5. Contact Movatic at support@movatic.co for additional support once the above steps have been performed.

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