The Racks list can be found by clicking on Hardware on the left side of the dashboard. This displays a list of all your racks with their corresponding ID/identifier, rack name, status, and location.

On the upper right-hand side, you also have the option to add a new rack by clicking the + Add button. You can also add racks in bulk by clicking Import from the three dots beside the Buy button to upload a CSV file.

Additionally, clicking the Export button will download the list into CSV files for your records.

Here are the different statuses of the racks:

  • Active - hardware is available for rent.

  • Maintenance - hardware is currently in repair by a mechanic.

  • Retired - hardware is no longer available.

  • Stored - Hardware is not currently in use and is kept in storage. It is not available for rent.

  • Missing - The hardware is not in its designated location and cannot be accounted for. It is temporarily unavailable.

  • Lost - The hardware is permanently unaccounted for and is considered lost. It is no longer available for use.

  • Rebalancing - The hardware is being relocated to ensure a balanced distribution within the bike station. It is temporarily unavailable during this process

You can click on any individual rack to view additional details such as the rack label, product name, version, status, current location, and assignment history. Also, you can retire or start editing the rack from this page.

Furthermore, you can also check the tabs beside the bike room tab to check the rentals, maintenance tickets tied to the rack, and a list of maintenance and event logs.

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