Hardware Selection Screen

On the app, when a user attempts to start a rental they are directed to the hardware selection page that allows them to enter the hardware number, scan the hardware QR code, or select the unit from a list. An admin can select what type of unit selection is best suited for their system, though there is always a system default.

This is something that can be set per system or on a partner level to have it for all systems under your partner ID.

Reach out to support@movatic.co to set this up! Simply let us know the name of the system or which partner you want it to be applied to and what type of unit selection you want to be used and we'll get it setup.

Below are examples of how this looks like on the user's end:

  • Entering the hardware number using the numeric keypad

  • Selecting the hardware unit from a list

  • Selecting the hardware from a list and scanning the QR code

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