What happens with a failed charge?

In cases where a charge fails, a specific sequence of actions occurs to manage the situation effectively:

  1. Charge Failure: When a payment charge fails for a user's rental, their account transitions into a delinquent state. This status restricts their ability to initiate any new rentals until the payment issue is resolved.

  2. Rental Restriction: While in the delinquent state, the user is unable to make new rental transactions. This helps ensure that rentals are not carried out without successful payment.

  3. Adding a New Payment Method: To regain full access to the rental service, the user needs to add a new, valid payment method to their account. This ensures that future rentals can be successfully charged.

  4. Retry Failed Charges: Once a new payment method is added, any pending failed charges associated with the user's account are retried. This process aims to facilitate successful payment collection for previously attempted rentals.

This mechanism helps maintain a fair and secure rental environment, ensuring that rentals are conducted with appropriate payment methods in place. It also provides users with the opportunity to resolve payment issues promptly, regain rental privileges, and continue enjoying the service seamlessly.

If you go to the User’s Profile, the user’s Payment Information would look like this:

When you look up the User’s account, the status would also show as Delinquent:

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