Additional User Charges

Outside of the context of a rental charge an operator might have the need to do an additional charge to a user due to unexpected reasons, such as if the hardware was damaged or not returned. In order to do this you can access the User Details page, look for the "Payment Information" section and if the user has a card associated with their account you will find at the top right of the section a button called "Charge Card".

After clicking the button you'll see a form to input the amount and the description of the charge. This charge will be manually reviewed by the Movatic team and once approved the charge will be applied to the user's card. Make sure that the description clearly states the reason why the user is getting charged.

Each approved charge is subject to a $5 processing fee. This type of charge is supposed to be reserved for exceptional circumstances, not for regular operations.

For users who have rented within the same system in the last 30 days, manual charges will be processed immediately.

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