Add QR Codes

QR Codes to scan the hardware

With QR codes, we need to assign a certain set of numbers out to different systems and partners since every single QR code needs to be unique across the Movatic system. If you don't have QR code numbers assigned, please reach out to for further assistance.

Once you have your QR code numbers assigned, your codes will look like this:<number>

Replace the <number> with the assigned numbers you're given to get your QR code.

Input the entire code into a QR code generator. Once a QR code is generated, you may immediately test the code by using the scan option in the Movatic app.

When this is complete, you'll repeat these steps for any remaining units.

Once you have your QR codes created, how you use them thereafter will be at your own discretion (laminated tags, stickers, signs, etc.).

Information needed to set up QR codes

In order to setup your QR codes, you'll need to send the following type of format to The QR code column should be within the set of QR codes assigned to you and the hardware number should be what is shown on the Admin.

QR Code

Hardware number











QR Code to download the Movatic App

To do this, the system admin needs to plug in the URL into their generator and they can use that on any signage. This can be used on the signage near the station that a user can scan to download the Movatic app.


Can I reuse the same bike (hardware) /QR code numbers, or do I need to use new ones?

Yes, QR codes are independent of the lock hardware. The QR code must be globally unique in the Movatic system, while the asset must be unique within a system.

User Experience

Selecting the Hardware from a list of available hardware in your system and scanning a QR code. For more information on how a user starts a rental, you may refer to this documentation: Start a Rental

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