Pricing Options

If you choose to make your membership require payment, then you'll need to add one or more pricing options to it. Go to Membership > Click +Add button to create the Membership > Tick Paid Membership > Click +Add button to Add the Pricing.

  1. Create your Membership by going to the Membership section and clicking the +Add button to create the Membership.

  1. When adding a membership ensure to tick the Paid Membership to show the Pricing Options.

  1. Tap the "+Add" button to add a new Pricing Option. You can have multiple Pricing Options, and users will be able to choose which one they prefer for that membership.

  2. Choose a price for the membership - it must be above 50 cents.

  3. Choose whether the pricing should be interval or term-based.

    • Term allows you to set a fixed start and end date for the membership.

    • Interval allows you to choose a unit (hours, days, weeks, months, years) and how many of those units you want each membership term to last. For example, if you wanted a monthly membership, you would set the unit to months and the interval value to 1. You also need to choose if the membership should automatically renew once the interval runs out.

  4. Choose a priority between 1 and 10 for the pricing option. When users see multiple pricing options, those with a higher priority number will be shown higher up the list.

  5. Press Save to submit the pricing option.

Once your membership is active, users will be able to find your membership from the app (unless you have a checkmark next to the Hidden option). Additionally, users can be manually added to memberships from the dashboard by selecting the Users tab from the dashboard, clicking on an individual user, and selecting +Add Membership. Once you select the membership that the user will be added to, press +Submit.

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