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The Maintenance section displays all the tickets that need to be addressed, which can be categorized by a due date or a priority ranging from 1-5 (1 being the Lowest, 3 being Normal, and 5 being the highest priority). These tickets are handled by the admin users within your system. Within this tab are the Tickets and Logs options.
A ticket can be automatically generated by your partner's maintenance program or user action, escalated from a user's reported issue using the app, or manually created in the Maintenance tab. Tickets can be assigned to an admin and given a due date that it needs to be completed by.
Each of these lists can be exported into CSV files for your records by clicking the Export button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
You can click on any individual ticket to view additional settings. Check the maintenance type, priority level, lock and rental ID, and any detailed additional notes for each ticket.

Maintenance Logs

The Logs section keeps a record of all completed tasks. A maintenance log can be created without a ticket ever being created if maintenance is done preemptively. An admin can make notes in the log and include how much time was taken to solve the issue.
When you click on a specific ticket, it will display the description of the issue, the maintenance type, the date it was created and will be due for a resolution, the priority of the issue, the lock associated with the hardware, a rental number associated with the rental the ticket occurred from, and the assignee who will be taking care of it. Additional notes may be added below for reference.
Closing a ticket will move it over to the Logs tab. You'll include the amount of time it took to complete the task, with the option to add any detailed notes for reference (e.g. general maintenance). When you're finished, click the save button.
Your options after clicking the Close button.
Editing a ticket will allow you to modify the due date, the priority, and the person responsible for it. When you're finished, click the save button.
Your options after clicking the Edit button.

Creating Maintenance Log from Hardware

Follow these steps to generate a maintenance log directly from a hardware device. First, access the hardware's details by navigating to the corresponding section. Once you have opened the details page of page the hardware, locate and select the "Maintenance Log" tab. This action will enable you to proceed with logging the necessary maintenance information for the respective hardware entry.
Upon accessing the Maintenance Log tab, proceed by clicking on the "Add" button. This action will initiate the process of adding a new entry to the maintenance log for the specific hardware device.
When you access the Add Maintenance Log section, you'll notice that the hardware is already selected by default. All you need to do is provide the specific maintenance information for the performed tasks. Simply fill in the required fields with accurate and detailed data, ensuring to include all relevant information.