Edit a Hardware

There are two ways to edit a hardware:

Navigate to the Hardware section, this will show you the list of hardware associated with your system. This includes Identifier, Actions, Status, Location, and Battery.

  1. Under Actions, there is a Pencil icon. When you click the pencil button, you are given the option to modify the Hardware State, Hardware number, Vendor ID, Label, Movatic QR Code, Vendor QR Code, System, and Assigned Location, Longitude and Latitude. Depending on the hardware, others may show other options. When you are done making changes, click the save button.

  1. On the hardware section, choose a specific bike/scooter number. You'll find an Edit button in the upper right corner. This lets you modify the state of the hardware, add a descriptive label to identify the scooter, vendor, and QR codes, or the number associated with it. When you are done making changes, click the save button.

You can also edit the Geolocation of supported hardware when making changes in the hardware editing feature. This can be accessed either through the Pencil or Edit buttons from a specific hardware.

Beside the Edit button is the Retire button. Clicking on the "Retire" button initiates the retirement process, making the hardware inactive and removing it from active use. This is useful for managing hardware that is no longer in service or needs to be discontinued.

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