Issuing Cards

Welcome to our card issuance service powered by Stripe!

This feature allows systems admins to generate physical or virtual credit cards, which they can fund with their incomes from Movatic. This is located in the billing section of the Admin site > Issuing Cards.


Before making use of this feature ensure your system and Stripe account meet the following requirements:

  • Billing is enabled for the system.

  • Stripe account is connected to the system and enabled to accept payments.

  • The Stripe account must have enabled the following capabilities:

    • card_issuing

    • transfers

    • card_payments

  • In order to enable the card_issuing capability you need to provide the following information to Stripe about the system/partner:

    • Legal name

    • Business address

    • Business type

    • Company tax ID

    • Phone

    • Merchant category code

    • URL

    • Accept Terms of service

  • You are able to fund the issuing balance.

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