Debugging Common Issues

This section will include steps to debug any common issues that may arise at some point after your system is setup. Behind the scenes, we work very diligently to keep our software optimized. With that being said, bugs will still occur and we understand how important it is to get these issues resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Before you reach out to Movatic for any bug issues:

  • Make sure you're navigating directly to without any additional tags on the end (such as /#/login).

  • Try clearing your cache, doing a hard refresh, and logging out then logging back in.

  • Try using an incognito browser.

In the event that you do have to contact us directly, there are some key elements to submitting a bug that will ensure that your report is top-notch and we are able to resolve the issue quickly:

  1. Determine whether the bug is software related or not. All hardware issues are directed to the hardware manufacturer. Generally speaking, if an issue is occurring across multiple bikes, scooters, etc. then it's most likely a software bug. If you are unsure, reach out to us so we can make sure the issue is addressed regardless.

  2. Take note if the issue is isolated or repeatable.

  3. Describe how you got the bug to occur. What page were you on? What process were you doing?

  4. Did you receive an error message? If so, what was included in the message?

  5. Include any screenshots or video.

  6. For smartphones, include the OS (iOS or Android) and device. For web pages, include the browser.

  7. Send the information over by emailing to

Movatic does not provide front line support to users (e.g. how to, refunds, assistance ending rentals, etc.). This support is done by the system operator while system operators forward all software bugs to Movatic.

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