Authorization Types

There are 3 authorization types to choose from when gaining System Access:

Email Authorization

Enter in a list of domains such as that will be able to have users with an email address at that domain be automatically authorized. When a user needs to be authorized, an email will be automatically sent to the user with a code to confirm that they have possession of an email at a valid domain.

The code that is sent to their email address can also be seen by an Admin on the dashboard. To do this, go to the user's information and find the membership they joined.

Once you click on the row, you'll be able to see the Email Auth Code and this can be shared with the user to validate their email.

Password Authorization

Users will be required to enter the password set by the admin through the app when attempting to join a system.

Admin Authorization

Admin Authorization is ideal for those who wish to manually grant or deny access to each user's request.

  1. Authorization can automatically expire so that users must get reauthorized. This feature cannot be used in combination with any type of fee on the membership.

  2. Perks:

    • Having a membership automatically provides access to members only (private) systems.

    • A membership on a billing system is able to provide perks (discounts) on rentals. Perks are applied to each rental and can be free time on each rental, money off the total cost of a rental, or a % off the cost of the total rental.

With Admin Authorization, users will be sending a request to your system when they search for your membership using the app. You'll know you have pending members when there is a number beside the Memberships tab on the dashboard. Once you click it, you'll also see a warning stating that you have a pending member waiting for approval. Click the pending name to open up additional details.

After you open up the details, you'll have the option to approve or reject the membership inquiring on the right hand side of the screen. After you approve, the user will gain access to your system to make rentals.

You can learn more here on the user experience on the Membership Authorization User Experience.

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