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Add a Membership for a User

If you want to add a membership for a user on admin, you will need to go to Users > Select the User > Scroll down until you see User Memberships > click Add Memberships > Select the Membership you want to add the user.
Example of adding a membership for a user
There are different types of Memberships you can add for a user: Authorized, Free, or Paid Memberships.

Authorized Memberships

These are memberships that you have set so that an admin can check before a user can access your system. It can be admin approval, email authorization, or password authorization.
When you add a user to an authorized membership that requires Email Authorization, it will prompt you to enter their email with the required domain.
When you add a user to an authorized membership that requires Admin or Password Authorization, it won't prompt you to enter the password since you are already the admin and the user will be immediately added once you click Submit.

Free Memberships

A user can be immediately added to a free membership by clicking Submit.
Paid memberships will prompt you to review the membership period and rate.
If you don't want to charge a user for a membership, you can enter the number of times the membership will be renewed for free in the box of Free Renewals. Once you select Submit, the user will be added immediately to the membership and won't be charged.
In the example below, the user will not be charged for the membership in the first year but will be charged $5.00 in the second year.
If you set the free renewals to 0, the user will be charged the amount of the membership (In this example, the user will be charged $5.00). To verify if the charge went through, go to Billing > Transactions.