Branded Apps

This is only for Operators that have or want a branded app.

If you have a branded app with Movatic, the following items are what you'll need to provide to get everything built and setup. Everything is required unless "(optional)" is displayed next to it.

Design deliverables

All images must be the size specified and a .PNG File.

  • Android feature graphic: Used as a banner image at the top of the Google play listing. Resolution: 1024 x 500.

  • App icon - 1536 x 1536.

    • No transparency can be included in this.

  • App screenshots for listing. We will use screenshots of the app once it is built if this is not provided. (optional)

    • See here for ideas.

  • An app style guide (optional)

  • Font

  • Map pins -Here is a simple example. Get creative! Some have bikes, scooters, their company's logo, etc.

    • Example: Movatic's map pins for Scooter, Bikes, Canoes, Bike parking.

    • 135x195

    • 90x130

    • 45x65

    • All backgrounds must be transparent.

  • Primary Color - hex code

  • Secondary Color - hex code

  • Splash icon - 225 x 225

  • Splash Screen or icon: Can be an icon at the center of a colored screen (similar to Movatic’s app, see below) or full screen image.

    • If using an icon, please make sure the background is the primary color of the app so it blends into the rest of the screen and resolution is 225 x 225.

    • If using a full screen image, use resolution: 1242x2688.

Movatic app icon in top center screen

Access needed

You'll need to send invitations to certain email addresses - these will be shared prior to these instructions being provided.

  • Access to Google Play account

    • More information here.

  • Access to App Store Connect account. Note: You must be registered as an organization and not an individual.

    • More information here.

App information

  • App name

  • App store description

  • Keywords for app stores

  • Phone number

  • Privacy policy

  • Store listing screenshot text

    • Short description

      • Quick description of your app. 80 character max limit.

    • Full description

      • Detailed description of your app. 4000 character max limit.

  • Support email address

  • Terms of Service

  • Website

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to the person who has been your contact throughout the onboarding process or reach out to [email protected]