Movatic APP

When you search "Movatic" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you'll find our main app and our maintenance app right away.

Movatic's app boasts some of the highest app ratings in the micromobility space. Be sure to leave us a review!

The Movatic app is how all users navigate the platform from simple account signups to starting rentals and reporting system issues. The Movatic Maintenance app is for admin users with BLE locks to record and configure maintenance tasks.

First-time users of the Movatic app will have an initial setup process, which will begin by entering a valid phone number and accepting the terms and conditions.

First-time users of the Movatic Maintenance app will sign in with the same credentials they use to sign into the Movatic admin site. When you reach the main menu, you'll be given 3 simple options: Nearby Devices, Settings, and Sign Out. Select Nearby Devices to connect to a piece of BLE hardware where you can test the locking, unlocking, and view battery levels.

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