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Exports is a great way to convert your system data to a .csv file so that you can easily transfer the information on a spreadsheet. On the admin platform, you will find the Export button usually on the upper right side in these sections:
Export Button
Section in Admin
Content in Export
Phone, Name, Email, Joined Date, Banned, Membership, Latest Membership
Id, User, User ID, Phone, Start Station, Start Time, End Station, End Station, End Time, km, miles, Message Count, Type, Duration, Rating, Device ID, Charge Pending, Force End Type, Tax Amount, Sub Total, Usage Sub Total, Charge Total, Void Charge, Void Reason, Void On, Void By, Void By Email, Grace Period, Start and End Lat and Long, Refund Amount, Refund Comment, Admin Modification, Admin Modification Reason, System ID, System Name, System Currency, Rate, Coupon, Perks, Wallet, CC Hold, Dispute CC Hold
ID, GID, Hardware / Lock Number, Status, Location, ICCID, Label, Firmware Version, Vendor QR Code, Movatic QR Code, Vendor ID, Last Seen
Location Name, Type, Availability, State, Latitude, Longitude, Number of Racks
Customer Support (Open and Closed Tickets)
Customer, Created, Description
Maintenance Tickets
Due, Priority, Assignee, Hardware Number, Description
Maintenance Logs
Closed, Completed By, Hardware Number, Location, Maintenance Type
Memberships (Active)
Membership Name, Active On Date
Memberships (Pending)
Username, Membership Name, Request Date
Memberships (Historic)
Membership Name, Archived On
Pending Charges
Username, Email, Rental Date, Amount, Update Status
Rates (Active)
Name, Rate, Active On
Rates (Historic)
Name, Rate, Archived On
Name, Amount, Created On, Status
Name, Coupon, Discount, Valid
Transactions (Payments and Transfers)
ID, Description, Date, Amount, Amount Refunded, Currency, Fee, Net Amount, Mode, Status, Captured, Card ID, Card last 4 digits, Card Branding, Card Funding, Card Expiry Month, Card Expiry Year, Card Zip, Card Issue Country, Dispute Amount, Dispute Status, Dispute Reason, Dispute Date, Dispute Evidence, Payment Source Type, Transfer, Transfer Group, Rental ID, User, Plan ID
Amount, Status, Charge ID, Reason
System Admins
First Name, Last Name, Email
If you pull out an export from Transactions, the export will be sent to your email.
Below is an example of a Systems Admins export:
Example on Admin
Example of System Admins Export