System Access

For system access, you have two options: a public system or a private system. This will determine how your users will have access.

A Public System allows any person with the Movatic app to use your system. This is commonly used for citywide ridesharing systems like tourism or recreational usage.

A Private System requires a user to have a membership of some type to have access to your system (members only). This is commonly used for apartment complexes, college campuses, or corporate campuses. However, public systems can utilize private options as well. For example, a college campus that allows ridesharing for all but gives exclusive discounts to college students on a specific membership.

Check the Memberships section in the feature guide to learn how to setup different types of memberships for your system.

If you're using a demo system, setting up a membership is required since demo systems aren't visible to other users. This will allow you to see your test locations and run test rentals from the app.

Once you've determined your system type, you'll have three authorization types to choose from. Those options can also be found in the Memberships section.

Require Membership must be checked in the settings to ensure that your system can only be used when a customer creates a membership to add to your system. You can find this by clicking the Settings tab on the left-hand side of your screen.

Your system will not be visible to users until a membership is created and added to your system. A warning will pop up in the Settings tab as a reminder.

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