OMNI IoT Scooter

This section will walk you through how to set up your OMNI IoT Scooter on the Admin dashboard.

  1. Setup the port and IP for each scooter in your OMNI Ble app (Android). From the app, you'll select FEISHEN_A from the main screen list of options then scan the QR code of your device to populate details. This app is only available for Android devices. IP: (case sensitive) Port: 8000

3. Confirm that the sim card for each scooter is online via your sim card dashboard on Twilio (for more information about SIM Cards click here). Please note that your sim cards will require a data plan to function (This applies when you are managing your SIM cards with your provider), and screenshots should be shared similar to the images down below. If the SIM cards are being managed by us we'd verify this.

When you email us please include the screens list (configurator app, SIMs card configuration)

4. Add your hardware info (IMEI) into the Movatic dashboard along with the other required fields. When you are finished, click the submit button. Follow this link for hardware setup.

As a standard troubleshooting procedure, make sure that your connectivity for each sim card is showing online. If your connectivity shows "no active data session," make sure your scooter is powered on and hit the 'reset' on the right side of the screen to reset your sim's network and attempt a new one.

5. When your sim card is connected to a network, you'll see details populated for your active data session, including an estimated location.

6. You'll be able to confirm your scooter's connectivity by going to your Movatic admin dashboard and selecting 'scooters' from the filtering button below the Search bar.

7. Click on a connected scooter and test out the lock/unlock functions to confirm connectivity with the software.

It is suggested to have the battery fully charged when completing these setups.

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