End a Rental

After a rental has started you will be able to access it from the home page or in the main menu in the "Active Rentals" option. Once in the active rental page you should be able to see an "End Rental" button. Based on the system or hardware the end rental flow may differ, but the goal is to ensure the hardware has been properly returned and to the right place, a summary of the trip will be shown at the end.

Rentals with zone locations will be shown a map with a parking key where rentals must be returned. Return locations can be reviewed once more in the final step of the process with the rental details, where a coupon can also be applied.

Users may be subjected to a parking fee for parking outside of the given zone parameters. In the screenshot below, the user would incur a $5 fee for ending a rental fee in a restricted area, and a $50 free for ending a rental in a service zone. These fees are charged to the card or balance the user has on file.

User Experience

When you end a user's rental using the Movatic Admin site, the rental will appear in the user's rental history, displaying its rental details.

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