Add a Membership

Membership that require access

A user will need to click on Memberships > Search for the Membership (In this example it's Testers Club 1) > Select the Membership > Request Access.

Admins can setup three different types of access:

  • Administrator Authorization: Requires that an administrator of the system approve the request made by the user.

  • Email Authorization: Users must have an email address ending in a specific domain, a code will then be sent to the email in order to verify the membership.

  • Password Authorization: Users must enter a predefined password that has been setup by system admins.

Users can see on their Memberships if their access is still pending and if they click Authorization Pending, they will be prompted to contact support to follow up on their status.

The admin decides is this membership requires a payment or not, this will be indicated before selecting the membership, by agreeing to a paid membership charges will be made to the user based on the payment terms indicated.

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