Event Logs

In the rental details page, the "Event Logs" tab provides information about all events recorded by the hardware involved in the rental. The table comprises the following columns:

  • Created: This timestamp denotes when the record was created within the system. It serves as a reference point when the event data is logged within the system's database.

  • Recorded: This timestamp signifies when the event was reported by the hardware itself. It reflects the actual occurrence of the event as captured by the hardware device.

  • Type: This column specifies the type of action or event that was reported by the hardware. It provides insight into the nature of the event, such as device activations, errors, or other notable occurrences.

Additionally, users have the option to filter the event logs based on the specific child device of the rental hardware. This feature enables users to focus on viewing the event logs relevant to a particular hardware unit, allowing for more targeted analysis and troubleshooting when necessary.

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