Keybox Rental

A logged out user will begin by entering a phone number and agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in the app. If this is a new user, the app will ask them to enter their first name, last name and email address. An SMS code will then be sent to their phone for verification.

After verification, the main app screen will load and the map will display the current location of the user. From there, a user can press the "Nearby" button to find the nearest location or use the "Scan" button to scan the QR code of the hardware if they already have it close by to start a rental.

If the user selects a location on the map, they will see the location information and will need to click "Select a Bike" to start a rental. They will be asked to select a bike to rent, sign up for a membership (if required), choose the rental rate (if there is more than one option), add credit card information, etc. Most of these steps are only required the first time a user is renting in a system.

Once all the required steps are completed, the user will be navigated to a screen to unlock the unit. A pin code will then be displayed on the screen. The user will enter this pin code into the keybox to unlock the bike.

After selecting “Continue” the user will then be displayed a modal informing them that the rental has started.

Once the user decides to end the rental, they can go to the app and select “End Rental” on the "Active Rentals" screen. The app will then show them a new pin code to enter into the keybox to lock the bike.

Finally, the user will be displayed a rental receipt with the summary of their rental. A copy of this receipt is also sent to their email address.

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